A Discussion with Paul Rogat Loeb about

the new edition of his classic book, "Soul

of a Citizen"

On May 25th our online director interviewed Paul Roget Loeb and discuss his new book, Soul of a Citizen, Living With Conviction in Challenging Times. To listen to the show just click on the play button bellow.

If you've ever wondered "is my activism actually accomplishing anything?" this is the book for you. When you feel like you're only shouting into the wind, when you're tempted to listen to friends who say nothing will ever change, Paul Rogat Loeb has the antidote.

The book seamlessly weaves inspiring examples of unexpected everyday heroes, ordinary people who have achieved successful activism and made a difference in their communities, with lessons for each of us in our daily strivings to make the world better.

Environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben said, "Soul of a Citizen has been a powerful inspiration to citizens acting for environmental sanity, showing how they can take committed stands, even if they don't know every last answer. The new edition is even more inspirational." And Jonathan Kozol raves, "I stayed up half the night reading Soul of a Citizen, finding it a beautiful and morally transcendent work. Paul Loeb is a personal hero of mine who gives decency and generosity a political character, in the humblest of ways. The new edition is magnificent."


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