We started TrueMajority in order to compound the power of all those who believe in social justice, giving children a decent start in life, protecting the environment, and America working in cooperation with the world community.

If you want to be a part of this movement, just fill out the form on the right and we'll sign you up. The amazing part is that it only takes two minutes a month and it's free. Here's how TrueMajority works:

We monitor what's going on in Washington based on the principles of peace, justice, and sustainability.

When your voice counts, we send you a short e-mail alert that explains the situation.

If you choose to send a free email or fax to your Congresspeople, just click "Reply" and then "Send" in your email program. Our technology will generate a message from you to your politicial representatives. That's it.

There are over 50 million of us who share these concerns, but we've ended up fragmenting ourselves because each of us can only concentrate on one or two issues. Or in the case of some of us, we've just felt powerless. TrueMajority has already brought together over 615,000 of us, making us a powerful force in the capital.

We hope you will join us.

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